Class Fund

We’ve set up a dedicated fund with an aim to provide relief to affected middle-class families during the COVID crisis. The fund will help affected families buy basic groceries and essential food items.

We're currently providing relief only in AP and Telangana. Update on relief in other states will be announced shortly.

Important Update:

We started this fund with a goal of helping 2000+ families. We reached that goal today. Exceeding our expectations, your generosity and donations will enable us to help around 6000 families.

Over the last 5 days, we have received over 77,000 requests for help. Sadly, the amount remaining in the fund won’t allow us to support these many requests. Therefore, we are stopping new requests at this time. We will try and support as many existing requests as possible with the amount available in the fund.

We request you to join this mass middle class movement and donate so we support as many families as possible in these troubling times.

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