What is the
Middle-Class Fund?

We’ve set up a dedicated fund with an aim to provide relief to affected middle-class families during the COVID crisis. The fund will help affected families buy basic groceries and essential food items.

How it works

Step 1: Visit the ‘Ask for Help’ form below

Step 2: Fill the form fields to the best of your knowledge

Step 3: Our Volunteer team will call you, understand your requirements, and complete the verification process. Keep your Aadhar card (or any other government-issued ID) ready

Step 4: You visit your nearest Kirana store, buy the essentials and ration you need, and our volunteers will transfer the amount to the store directly.


  • The maximum allocated amount per request is 1000 INR only.
  • Only one fund request can be made from one household.
  • Only ration and essentials listed in the list below can be purchased with this fund.

List of items
that can be in the MCF Ration Kit

Wheat Flour

Toor Dal


Tea Powder





Chilli Powder


Letter to my Middle Class Family

Our life when we look back at it is a bunch of memories.
Good.. bad.. we can look at everything with a smile on our face.

We faced whatever was thrown at us,
We escaped closely,
We made mistakes,
We did things right,
We created beautiful moments,
We lived it.

In 30 years from today, when I am 60 and you are 30,40,50,60,70,80,90,oops.

This corona will also be a memory, it'll be a strange incident that scared us, shut us down, stopped us from shaking each others hands, hugging, where the sound of a cough seemed like an explosion..

It'll be memory of something we as a world shared together, how many such memories do we have?. Some will laugh thinking about it, some will become emotional thinking about how hard it was, most will do both..

And then, we will also remember how many, who were strangers came together to help us like we were their own.

I for sure will think about a bunch of young boys who I call my team, 8,515 big hearted Donors who I call my middle class family, 535 volunteers who I call my Rowdies - Who all came together to give me a memory called MiddleClassFund.

I am sure all who are a part of this will think about it too.

Today we put the MCF into Rest mode.
As families get back into work,
As the cities come back to life,
As we spent all the funds we were given responsibility of.

I say rest mode because the MCF is a support system that we have created for a lifetime, it will be activated, up and running if ever a situation calls for its need.

Until then, thank you all for giving us all a beautiful little memory to cherish. I send you all my love and you will forever be in my memories and my prayers.

Full Love,
Vijay Deverakonda


Households Funded


People in Funded households

₹ 1,71,21,103

Funded Amount


No. of Volunteers


No. of donations

₹ 1,50,24,549

Received from donations